Old Sacramento

Frightening occurances have been reported in the maze of tunnels that run underneath sections of Sacramento. The tunnels date from the period of 1864-1877, when buildings and streets were raised an entire story to protect them from flooding. Between the retaining walls, an underground maze of tunnels resulted, enclosed from above by wooden sidewalks. It is known that owners of nine of the restored buildings got together and hired a professional parapsychologist to free them of one troublesome spirit. (The underground area is bounded by H and L Streets, and Front and 12th Streets near the Sacramento River. The most haunted section is between Front Street and 8th Street. The former level of the city is discernible at several "sunken" restaurants and plazas in Old Town.)
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I'm really enjoying this site, Scott... and thanks for commenting on my site. I have plenty of other Sac-area ghost stories to share. When I post more on my site, I'll certainly let you know.