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Monday, August 10, 2009

22nd & H Street House Not Haunted? You Decide!

My friend sent this to me. A local news crew met with the current owner of the 22nd & H street house in midtown Sacramento. Beautiful interiors can be seen in this video, though all of this does very little to convince me that this should close the book on this particular house and its history.



Anonymous said...

I would take the guy for his word. Just because a house is old and needs a paint job doesn't mean it's haunted.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting house...I lived my my great grandfathers mansion in San Diego and everyone who would pass by was sure it was haunted, but it wasn't. I think that the owner should know what he's talking about. Either way, the house is still very creepy looking and the history of the house itself would be interesting to find out.

Anonymous said...

who knows the house looks really creepy

James said...

I've lived a few blocks from here for about a year and a half now and I'm still creeped out by the bars on the bottom floor... like the kind to keep people in the basement... haha
seriously though definately the scariest house in the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

MMm ya everytime I go to Sac I go to that house and look at it,, I spoke with thr grounds person,,,, he told me all kinds of stories,,, according to him,, the place is so haunted the cops wont even go in when
"Stuff" happends, and whats up with the lions in the basement story?

Anonymous said...

I went to go look at the house in oct 2006.I read an articale about it so I was curious.It was ominous as I approched it,look like the Addams familey lived there.While I was across the street a door on one of the upper floor balconies suddenly slammed.I headed back down 22nd st fast as I could!

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