May H. Woolsey: 1866 - 1879

May H. Woolsey died of encephalitis. Tour visitors to Sacramento's Old City Cemetery have confirmed that her presence can still be felt, literally by placing ones hand near her grave stone.

"beckyjsacto" added: In the Discovery Museum in Old Sac, there is a display from a home in midtown that was being renovated by new owners in the 1980's. When they removed a panel in some part of the house, they found a chest of items (dolls, photos, clothing, and other personal effects) of a young girl [May Woolsey] who'd lived and died in that same house EXACTLY one hundred years prior. Truly creepy!
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Another place for you to investigate - the brown house on the corner of 19th and F streets. I used to live a couple homes down and my neighbors claimed it was freaky haunted. I asked my landlord (he owns it) about it and he knew nothing of its history. Yet on the day I moved out a guy who owned a building across the street was there and he went pale when I asked him about it possibly being haunted. He said yes ... a couple bludgeonings in the 1980s?

Anonymous 7:51 PM

May Woolsey was a 12 year old girl who lived in Sacramento during the 1870's in the district known as Alkali Flat. Found in 1979 when a new owner was remodeling the house and came across a hatch cut into the second floor stair landing. The trunk had been placed in a cavity from a false ceiling in a closet below. When opened the trunk contained a fascinating chronicle of life in early Sacramento as seen through the childhood mementos of May Woolsey. Packed in the trunk were trinkets and playthings typical of most 12-year-old girls of the late 1870's.